Christine as a Speaker

What drives consumers in these current times? How can you remain relevant and what skills will you need in tomorrow’s world?

These are the questions Christine addresses in her presentations. She zooms out, isolating the significant environmental factors from the turbulent, transforming world, then zooms in on the effect these have on man, the consumer.

These consumer trends, or PRINCIPLES OF PROGRESS, are illustrated by tracing an array of appealing examples from the worlds of art, culture, science, marketing, media, advertising, retail, food and design. Examples continuously refreshed with the most recent worldwide developments. No two presentations are the same. Following personal consultation with the client, the examples are carefully selected and aligned with the theme of the meeting. This always delivers realistic, pragmatic ideas which can immediately be put into practice, as well as insights to underpin longer term policies. One of the most oft-heard remarks in feedback is that people seem to have ‘rediscovered an overview’, or that it has ‘got them thinking’ and, most importantly, that they ‘feel empowered’. ‘It provides the tools you can immediately get to work with’.

"This presentation was unlike every other in the sense of creativity and the level of consumer insight inspiration"

April Preston
Food Product Director Marks & Spencer

If you understand where trends come from, you’ll be better equipped to know what the next step for your own sector will be

The future cannot be predicted,
but with the right insights it can unveil itself

A presentation by Christine always delivers:




Collective awareness


And every time it is:

Updated and current

Individually tailored

A visual spectacle


Hope affirming

Christine as a speaker?

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