Christine as a strategic consultant?

In this rapidly changing, fluid world it’s no longer about being ‘new’, but about being relevant to your client’s context. Possessing only a clear mission and vision alone is insufficient in these times of profound change and disruptive paradoxes. Understanding the spirit of the times and the consumer’s drivers that flow from this are indispensible ingredients for success.


As a consultant Christine, with her associative and incisive intelligence, is an invaluable partner when forming strategy and policy. From the perspective of the spirit of the times, she can envisage new angles and alternative approaches. As an external, creative intellect drawing upon her expertise she can add value, value always linked to the organisation’s core. Christine can be your sounding board partner or assistant during an internal constructive dialogue at policy level. Succinct, appropriate and relevant. Offering clear pragmatic advice. So no padded reports, but instead concrete, portfolio translations. Processes can then be accelerated and anticipated in a constructive manner. This is applicable to almost every context of retail, food, lifestyle, hospitality, brands, real estate, care, education.

“At Jumbo our client firmly occupies the No 1 spot. In a fast changing world it is vital that you accurately engage with the times. For us, Christine proves a valuable compass in that process.”

Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd
Chief Commercial Officer Jumbo

linking your [brand] purpose to shifting consumer needs

Consultancy chip card:

Four sessions by appointment

Christine as strategic consultant?


Transform the store into a stage
to tell your story
let the staff be connoisseurs
and in-store influencers
who can connect your customers
to the community around your concept,
create an attractive e-halo
and let instagram be your shop window

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