“Pace Layers” diagram from Stewart Brand’s book “The Clock of the Long Now”

In lightyears no one is in a hurry.

At a time when we are used to immediate results, speed of news and successive changes, it is sometimes good to realize that everything has its own time.

This week I found inspiration in the book ‘In light years nobody is in a hurry’ by Marjolijn van Heemskerk (reading tip!): The time layers of Stewart Brand.

A model showing the rate of changes in layers. Where the fastest layer of fashion, trends and whims should not mix with the other layers. If politics is too fleeting it becomes superficial, if nature changes too quickly it affects all layers of our world.

In the coming period I will move into the time layer of culture and nature. Taking time to reflect and immerse myself in books, art, design, films and other things that inspire me.

A slower process of which I would like to share the results in October during my trends & zeitgeist analysis webinar.

Have a nice summer!

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