What drives me most, personally, is to identify, clarify and create a deep understanding of the spirit of the time and then use this to assist people, brands, enterprises and organisations, in a meaningful way, taking the right steps going forward. I extract a great deal of pleasure and energy from investigating what exactly is going on around us and by analysing what the signs the shadows of the future that already touch us hold and contain. I then seek out the connections and join the dots across the whole, finally finding the words to pin this down in succinct, straightforward language. I filter relevant information from world news, from developments in science and technology, as well as from art, design and everyday life. Rising above things to obtain the wider image, before zooming in to the human scale. I then distil the essence of the spirit of the time from which I hone my vision.

When you understand the spirit of the time, you will see what drives people, and if you know what drives people, anticipating their wishes and desires will become the next obvious step. I’ve been doing this all my life and find it’s only becoming even more fun and interesting as time progresses. I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity of lecturing worldwide, across every continent. What gives me the most satisfaction however is collaborating with brands and organisations. Assisting people and brands to discover their strengths through appropriate insight, information and inspiration. Connecting the spirit of the time with their mission and vision and opening up the space for amazing new concepts. Simply because once you have unpicked the weave, your eyes will literally open up to the endless possibilities and opportunities.

My personal mission?
Linking your brand’s purpose to shifting consumer needs.
As well as giving presentations on the spirit of the time and trend analyses, I work for the University of Amsterdam Academy as a (C-level) consultant programme manager of their ‘The Future Of Strategy’ executive programme. This is an outstanding programme which promises the participants a well-equipped strategy toolbox by completion. From its initiation, I have also been a co-author of Trendrede, an annual lecture by the Netherlands’ most prominent future watchers, and an active member of the Advisory Board advising on advertising law.


I have gathered around me a swarm of creative thinkers and doers, who assist me to alight upon razor-sharp analyses. Each in their own way help me with their thinking power and imagination, with their talents in graphic design, copy writing, translations and content strategy. With most we have been working for more than ten years now; communications often only take half a word; that feels like a rock-solid foundation for me.

Marijn Obertop

Fashion designer, forecaster fashion, design, colour, lifestyle

Anne-Paulina de Jong

Image sourcing, visualiser, fashion stylist

Viva Vulto

Graphic designer, visualiser & workshophost design language

Theo Nijsse

Fashion Art Director, Graphic Designer.

Esther Verhamme

Content strategist & storytelling

Hester Jong



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