Christine Boland – free online webinar on analysing seasonal trends

22nd September, 10 am (CEST)

Christine will present and explain her unique method of forecasting and analysing trends, using inspirational images from Fall-Winter season ‘ctrl_alt_RE_Start’ (21/22). Concluded with a live Q&A. Learn the ins and outs of a renowned trend forecaster’s way of working.

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The “eternal table of design elements” as Christine calls it, is a fundamental key used by her to indicate and appoint seasonal influences in fashion, colour and design.

Explaining her way of working and analysing trends and developments from a broader perspective will give you important backgrounds and practical insights on the ‘how to’ of this unique approach on trends.


What drives me most, personally, is to identify, clarify and create a deep understanding of the spirit of the time and then use this to assist people, brands, enterprises and organisations, in a meaningful way, taking the right steps going forward. My personal mission? Linking your brand’s purpose to shifting consumer needs. As well as giving presentations on the zeitgeist and trend analyses, I write and advise people and brands on strategic matters. I work for the University of Amsterdam Academy as a (C-level) consultant programme manager of the ‘The Future Of Strategy’ executive programme.

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