LIVE @ LUNCH : Mindset Method

16 December | 1PM – 1.45PM (CET) including Q & A

Find your brand language

As an organization you have developed an identity and often also a brand policy. And yet many organizations notice that brand consistency is not always sharp for everyone. Style can be interpreted in many ways. The Mindset©method developed by Christine Boland makes it easier for brands and organizations to follow a consistent course. After the DNA has been clearly formulated, the style definition of the brand is defined (in a collaborative process). Thanks to this Mindset©method, this can be done in a way that everyone speaks one language, that it is no longer about ‘something classic’, ‘too young’ or ‘not modern enough’, but much more specific and constructive.

In this Live@Lunch, Christine takes you through the workings of this method in 30 minutes.

Program & Price

1PM – 1.30PM Presentation ‘Find your brand language’

1.30PM -1.45PM Q&A

€ 29,50

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“Powerful stuff, particularly as we were immediately able to put the trends into practice!”

“Amazing! Really gets you thinking”

“Lunch & learn: short, succinct and highly inspiring”

What will your new Principles of Progress be?

Would you like to obtain an overview of consumer trends and find out how these influence the future of your organisation or brand?

For the price of 29.50 euros you will receive access to this very informative live@lunch intermezzo, including the opportunity to ask questions during the Q & A.

Discover the following during this live@lunch session:

  • The world’s most recent trends & developments
  • How does this affect the spirit of the time?
  • What human behaviour does this activate?

  • Insights to support a future-proof policy and innovation

  • Practical ideas for immediate use

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