When all seminars and conferences were canceled overnight a year ago, a new world opened up quite quickly. The online world.

Nothing new so far. But what I could not imagine then and now fully experience is the rich facet of possibilities of it. Originally I was afraid that webinars would be a digital extract from the unsurpassed live events. But this soon turned out to be a one-sided assumption.

I found out that webinars allow you to personally connect with your audience. Via the public or private chat, which is not only very nice because of the personal contact, but also shows me to see ‘how’ people listen and look.

Another, unexpected, nice side effect is the inclusive nature of online lectures and masterclasses. Whether there are three (yes really) or three thousand (yes really) people in the room, it doesn’t matter online. And how cool is it that you can bring so many disciplines together in one webinar. Designers, concept developers, buyers, companies and store personnel; the whole ecosystem participates.

No distinction

A webinar makes no distinction between single-players and large companies, between students and CEOs. It crosses country and time boundaries. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

At such a moment it dawns on me how special this time is, that all of this is technically possible, literally from the kitchen table.

When the world opens again, will we continue there? Yes, even for the more than 200 members who have committed themselves to us for a long time. In addition, we will organise (smaller) live meetings.

Making sense

Analysing a certain subject in depth with my zeitgeist MAKING SENSE as a starting point. At beautiful locations, personal, interactive and effective. The first has already been planned and is dedicated to ‘Hospitality In The Transitional Twenties’. Location? The newly opened Mindspa studio in House of Rituals in Amsterdam. The world’s first of its kind. Speaking of transition topics.

Do you also have a topic you would like to go into in depth or a basic question to test against the changing zeitgeist, person, customer, resident client? Please don’t hesitate to let us know. Then maybe we’ll set up our next meeting together. If you only want to come and listen to the zeitgeist analysis of the design language webinars, check my website in the agenda. You are most welcome.

Be inspired!