In this rapidly changing, fluid world it is no longer about “new”, but about being relevant in the context of your customer. With only a clear mission and vision you are not there in this time of profound change and disruptive paradoxes. A thorough understanding of the zeitgeist and the resulting consumer motives are indispensable ingredients for success. Linking your brand purpose to shifting consumer needs. 


With her incisive thinking and a gifted facility of arriving at concepts through association Christine, as a consultant, proves a valuable asset to strategy and policy-making. Taking the perspective of the spirit of the time as a starting point, she discovers new angles, routes and alternative approaches. Leaning on her expertise and creative mind, as an external sounding board Christine can add clear value to any organisation’s core.

As a sparring partner in a constructive dialogue, at the very centre of operations, at policy level. Succinct and pertinent. Solid and perceptible advice. So no thick wordy reports, but ideas translated into a concrete portfolio. To really get the ball rolling, a consultancy credit card for four meetings is included. This will accelerate processes, building upon tangible thinking ahead. Whatever the sector you operate in.

“At Jumbo the client is always number one. In this rapidly-changing world it is vital to pinpoint accurately the spirit of the time. For us, Christine is a valuable compass.”

Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd – Chief Commercial Officer


Looking for a sparring partner?
Together we can draw up a plan. We will hand you a consultancy credit card (= 4 meetings).
Entirely individually tailored, by appointment, flexible, concrete and practical.
Call or email Hester to discuss the options: 0031 (0)6-30253580.