What will my client need tomorrow? What can I do to enrich my consumer’s life and at what moment? Whichever sector you operate in, you want your brand to remain relevant. Achieving this requires insight into what influence future developments will have on your customer’s behaviour.


If you understand the source of trends, presented in a wider context, you will be far better prepared for the next step in your own sector.

To accelerate this process, Christine offers in-house workshops. With your team, translating trends into tailor-made innovations. Relevance is filtered and the design language formulated. Colours, forms and materials are chosen. Two half-day sessions usually suffice.

“Christine’s method really helped us to funnel all our ideas and thoughts into one clear vision that the whole team can get behind. The process has made the teams feel part of the solution and thus really delivers full buy in from everyone. In fact we are already seeing the benefits of this process and look forward to seeing the results of this clarity we now have.”

Ivon Corcoran – Chief Product Officer


I discovered a method for clarifying my way of working within a system. After extensive analysis, we have put together an inventory of the perennial sources of inspiration that consistently return in one form or another throughout design language. We have organised these into a table, inspired by the periodic table of elements. Together they form ‘The eternal table of design elements’.

As with any chemical process, these elements are constantly remixed and blended in continuously alternating combinations and proportions.

The system will also assist you if you wish to find out what exactly is happening in new collections, at trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. You will start to recognise the ingredients, a useful tool when making choices and decisions for buying, designing and creating concepts.



Principles of Progress are a means of getting ahead in this turbulent, volatile, extremely demanding world. It’s the consumer trends, the expressions of basic human needs which, in a reaction to the spirit of the time, continuously demand a different interpretation or implementation. The spirit of the time is determined by the field of tension within which we live. The field of tension is determined by various factors in the environment. This is an unprecedented and turbulent time in which, paradoxically, the only thing we can be certain of is: uncertainty!

I look forward to sharing my method of clarifying the spirit of the time and the accompanying Principles of Progress with you.

Which principles are relevant to your organisation?