What drives the consumer in the current spirit of the time, how do you stay relevant and what skills are required for tomorrow’s world? These are key issues I address directly in my presentations and masterclasses.

You can book me as a Keynote speaker for your event or follow my live online events.


From an overarching view, I filter and deconstruct the relevant surrounding factors from this turbulent, transforming world, before zooming in on the effects these exert on man and the consumer.

These consumer trends, or PRINCIPLES OF PROGRESS, are illustrated by a wealth of fascinating examples from the worlds of art, culture, science, marketing, media, advertising, retail, food and design.

Every presentation is underpinned by the very latest developments. Ultimately, you will come away with tangible, practical, immediately usable ideas, as well as insights to build and underpin future-proof policies.

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April 1, 2022 – 1PM (CEST)
Interior & color special
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June 28, 2022 – 11AM (CEST)
Première Design Language Winter 23-24
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July 14, 2022 – 11AM (CEST)
Extra Online Summer 2023
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September 22, 2022 – 1PM (CEST)
Interior & color special
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October 27, 2022 – 11AM (CEST)
Première Zeitgeist & Trend analysis
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November 24, 2022 – 11AM (CET)
Extra Online Winter 23-24
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January 24, 2023 – 11AM (CET)
Première Summer 2024
Available soon

Available soon

We are working on a special membership plan so you can get more of this valuable content for less. If you are interested, drop us a note and we will inform you when the membership is up and running.


Using the Principles of Progress as a basis we, together with you, can take the following steps for your organisation:

  • Set out a clear framework within which strategy, product or policy can be developed.

  • Define the implications of the Principles of Progress for your brand, product or service and how to approach these.

  • Link up your mission and vision with the spirit of the time.
  • Translate trends into specific product groups, collections and concepts.

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Christine’s vision and the content of her various presentations also form a valuable contribution for a wide range of educational programmes and courses. Currently Christine is a programme manager for the Future of Strategy executive programme at the University of Amsterdam.
Future of Strategy. This course is intended for the working professional. There is also a programme available for Middle and Higher Vocational Education students Please contact us to discuss the various opportunities.

“This presentation was unlike every other in the sense of creativity and the level of consumer insight inspiration.”

Food Product Director, MARKS & SPENCER

If you would like to book Christine as speaker for your event or as inspirator for your team,

then please feel free to contact Hester to discuss the range of options and possibilities.