On 28th of May 1PM CEST I will share my Design Language analysis- HUMAN NATURE during a one hour interactive webinar.

Register for this webinar and discover that the challenges we are facing now and the creativity that is sparked due to this worldwide pandemic will eventually result in a range of new and different expressions. I would like to contribute to this by sharing my ‘HUMAN NATURE’ presentation about design language. The webinar contains an analysis of the form and style idiom across fashion, design, lifestyle and colour in view of the spirit of the time. Design language is usually a ‘reflection of society’, however the opposite is now also true; design language as a ‘rejection of society’. This delivers wonderful inspiration; exactly what we need in these challenging times.

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The corona crisis presents us with unprecedented challenges and affects almost every single one of us. Never before have we seen the entire world face the same issue at the same time. You would expect such a universal, communal threat to engender global unity, unfortunately however there still seems to be scant evidence of this. What we do see is man, reacting to the spirit of the time. The spirit of the time is all about disruption, limitations, cancelled plans, being at home, slowing down and contemplation. Creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are coming to the fore. Inspiration and innovation are not things that can be tethered.

We are asking for a contribution of 35 euro.

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