Consumer drivers discovered

Consumer trends are steered by (unconscious) drivers, desires and wishes. Drivers, desires and wishes come about in reaction to the spirit of the time. The spirit of the time is defined by the matrix of tension within which we live. The matrix of tension within which we live is informed by influences from (geo) politics, culture, the economy, ecology, technological and scientific developments.

The very heart of the onsumer trends

Comprehending the spirit of the time is therefore the opening gambit to striking the consumer’s right chord. The key is to isolate the relevant social and environmental factors from the clamour and noise, from the blinding kaleidoscope of things happening in this turbulent timeframe. Zoom in on these relevant factors and we discover the specific influences that affect what we as people want or really need. This lies at the very heart of the consumer trends.

Principles of Progress

We live in turbulent times. As with nature, any period of change that heralds a move from one phase to the next can be a rough sojourn. This can be at once exhilarating and frightening. Wonderful new things happen, however we also see that resistance against anything new can take on extreme forms. Paradoxes exist that exemplify this timeframe. The world around us becomes more fluid as borders blur and the ground beneath you begins to crumble, accelerating a feeling of alienation. There is a major systemic shift taking place and as it progresses, impediments multiply exponentially. How can we break though this impasse? What are the conditions for overcoming these paradoxes?

What are the Principles of Progress?

The answer to these questions unveils the most significant consumer drivers. And whoever is armed with the drivers will be able to anticipate the question. Further, whoever understands the question absolutely will possess the muscle to formulate the appropriate answer. This is what it is all about.

#1 CULTIVATE COMPASSION for common ground and inclusivity

#2 SYNC WITH NATURE to sustain the planet

#3 DEFINE DIRECTION while navigating the liquid reality

#4 SPARK THE SOUL for memorable moments

These four domains may help you to navigate the future by seeking answers to the following questions: What are the implications of these trends for my organisation? How can I translate these insights into my own sector? In which manor and which pace do I implement innovations?

CULTIVATE COMPASSION for common ground and inclusivity Is about entering into a dialogue, seeking out new forms of collaboration, building bridges in a divided world and repairing contact between people, equality and fraternity. Solidarity and sharing.

SYNC WITH NATURE to sustain the planet Is about looking for sustainable harmony with nature and the planet, reducing waste, looking for new raw materials and new ways of consuming and producing.

DEFINE DIRECTION while navigating a fluid reality Is about knowing who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go. Determining what you take part in and at what speed. Figuring out the system, reducing complexity, down shifting.

SPARK THE SOUL for memorable moments Is about beauty and amazement, narratives and the power of imagination. Magic and enchantment, surrealism and symbolism. Immersive multi-sensory experiences. Intuition and everyday spirituality.


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