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What does my client of tomorrow need? How can I enrich my consumer’s life and at which moment? If you understand where trends come from and have these presented in a wider context, you will be far better placed to determine what the next best step for your sector should be. Christine facilitates in-house workshops to accelerate this process. Together with your team, trends are translated into tailored innovations. Relevant items are selected and the design language formulated. Colours, forms and materials are chosen. Often one session lasting a morning or afternoon will suffice.

The process utilises the following tools:

DESIGN LANGUAGE - Analysis of the key developments in the fields of fashion, design and lifestyle. This digital trend book with Pantone colour concepts is an indispensible starting point for everyone involved in product development and innovation. Ask for a preview without obligation

ANCHOR-ALIGN-ACT - A compact step-by-step plan to map out the right route in a fast moving world. With a clear image of ‘who you are’ [ANCHOR], a clear objective [ALIGN] and using the Principles of Progress, you can navigate [ACT] in a specific manner to resonate with your core values.

MINDSET©MODEL - The Mindset method, developed by Christine Boland, helps brands and organisations to navigate a consistent course. Your brand’s style definition will be identified after formulating the DNA in a joint process. Thanks to the Mindset©model everyone will start speaking the same language, start to sing from the same song sheet. Things will no longer be vaguely classified in such woolly terms as ‘a bit more classic’, ‘too young’ or ‘not modern enough’, but rather expressed in much more specific and constructive language.


These cards envisage four Mindsets; Silent, Nostalgic, Playful and Extreme. They provide starting points in the workshop. Brands and organisations which posses a clear notion of their own identity (DNA, mission, vision) navigate a consistent and coherent route thanks to their own Mindset formula.

“Christine is a great asset to anyone who is curious about what the future holds.”

Jorri Kristjansson
Managing Director, Icelandic Marketing Association

Consistent navigation due to sharp style definition

“For us, Christine’s Design Language is an indispensible tool in developing our collection.”

Mireille van der Sprong
Founder & Creative Director Bellamy Gallery

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