Navigating the new consumer needs

All parameters of this timeframe are layered and multidimensional. They are also variable and dynamic. As individuals, we can be present on various levels and channels simultaneously. Virtual or analogue, real or as an avatar, cerebrally or physically, technological or human or a mix of both, as the boundaries between man and technology continue to blur. In addition, the world in which we live continues to acquire more dimensions. Screens throw a layer over reality and allow us instant access to endless sources of information and communication opportunities. All this makes it extremely difficult to define your position and determine direction, to calibrate. Therefore context is everything. Context as in giving meaning, delivering a rationale, acting as a relevance filter and as delineation. But also context as in seeking common ground, a shared interest. Context as brand beacons. With of course the accompanying perspective.

Brand beacons & trend beacons

In addition, an insight into what drives us is absolutely critical. Drivers answer the question which arrives as a reaction to our surroundings, the spirit of the time. Drivers are ‘the new consumer needs’, the trend beacons. Once you have identified the brand beacons and the trend beacons, you as an individual or as an organisation are able to navigate The New Times.

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