The current period of ‘in-betweenness’ is continuing and is edging towards a tipping point. However, this only increases resistance, as well as tension. Old systems dig their heels in, blocking and frustrating access to renewal. Intolerance, destabilising terrorism and fear stalk and dominate world news. The earth is flat, but not for people. The times are chaotic with a Babel-like confusion of tongues, in which we fail to ‘understand’ each other, with all this means for the destabilisation and fragmentation that follows in its wake. We have lost grip, and to retrieve it we need understanding.

Swarm intelligence & common ground

The challenge will be to get the stagnation moving and the tension released. To consider closely what is required to introduce the new systems and get the opportunities flowing; both in reality and conceptually. And thankfully these new opportunities will indeed arise. Paradoxically, the flow will return us our grip. We have to learn to move with things and dare to let go. That requires trust, as well as resilience and flexibility, connection and cooperation; swarm intelligence and common ground. To achieve this we have to look deeper into the underlying patterns, drivers and motivators. Once these are revealed, we will acquire insight into what binds us, what powers us and where the opportunities lie.

Constructive counterweight

In the quest for THE UNDERLYING PATTERN we continuously witness more positive counterweight signals: organisations and people who take their moral responsibility, an increase of conscious and ethical consumerism and creative solutions for the larger problems with raw materials and the environment. A growing section of people is demonstrating increasing empathy for man and nature and seeking understanding and nuance whilst philosophising and learning. The notion that we are all part of one large global eco system is gaining traction, resulting in a more holistic vision. The new systems that arise in reality and metaphorically upend the previous old systems and change these often overnight into ‘toppling dinosaurs’. To break through this process and guide it towards something positive not only requires creative and decisive mettle, but also connection and the fortitude and resilience ‘to actually carry it through’. That is no small challenge.


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