What if you were to receive an answer to a question you have not (yet) asked?

All parameters of this timeframe are layered and multidimensional. They are also variable and dynamic. As individuals, we can be present on various levels and channels simultaneously. Virtual or analogue, real or as an avatar, cerebrally or physically, technological or human or a mix of both, as the boundaries between man and technology continue to blur. In addition, the world in which we live continues to acquire more dimensions. Screens throw a layer over reality and allow us instant access to endless sources of information and communication opportunities. Via social media we can be ‘in contact’ with numerous people across a world wide range of locations simultaneously. World news together with all its attendant horrors spills into our homes in real time. Screens, images and conceptualisations dominate our daily existence.

Meanwhile, an invisible, hyper personalised web of data is slowly descending like a veil around each individual; a veil which influences the images and information that reach us. Advertising and requested information arrive tailor made. To put it another way: an invisible and extremely difficult to trace filter is forming between us and what it is we want to know, see or learn. But who controls what passes through this filter and who decides what fits with your profile? Google? Your supermarket? The airline? Facebook?

Finding the balance and asking the right questions

The key challenge for man (and organisations) is to find a satisfactory balance between the dynamism of abundance on the one hand and the limitations on the other. And of course to ask the right questions. What can we use to calibrate, to gauge, what can we attune to? How do we pinpoint a position to obtain that all important perspective?

How far do you become personally submerged in the plethora of possibilities and opportunities presented to you?

Do we end up with a robot in the classroom, just because it is possible?

What happens to the notion of excitement or surprise if everything is ‘pre-facilitated’ for us by the internet of things?

What if you were to receive an answer to a question you have not (yet) asked?

Or perhaps more importantly: what if products are being pushed or sent to you which you never realised you wanted to order?

The new ‘Ps’: position, perspective and pace

To discover an answer as a human being (or as a brand, an organisation or a country) to these new questions, more than ever it will be vital to be clear about your own raison d’être and significance. What you stand for and where you are going. What is your perspective, your pace and to what level do you wish to pursue and achieve this objective? And how does this objective fit into the bigger picture? It will become a real art to be fully convinced of your personal, individual and autonomous significance (and strengths) within the greater scheme of things. And do all this whilst simultaneously being able to retain an accurate and realistic image of what the bigger picture actually looks like and how it functions. To zoom in and zoom out. Trusting in your own strength and moving in tandem with the dynamism.

Welcome to the swarm.

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