Online Première Design Language Winter 22-23 (ENG) | 23-6

95,00 excl. BTW

23 June 10 am – Noon (CET)

Design is a language; an expression of the spirit of the time in forms, colours and materials. To ‘understand’ this language and use it when selecting collections or in product development, it is essential first to penetrate that spirit of the time.

Quite a challenge in an upturned world changing by the week. However, there is no-one better than Christine to show you what is happening.

On 23 June, Christine will take you through the spirit of the time, revealing what the future of design language will be. She will forecast the (colour) combinations that will set the tone in lifestyle, fashion, design, interiors, retail and visual merchandising for Winter 22-23.



Zoom out: Compact and clear analysis of the spirit of the time and consumer trends.

Zoom in: What visual vocabulary results from the spirit of the time? What components from the ‘The eternal table of design elements’ will determine the image? How does this translate into design language, what do we think is truly important and what is the source of inspiration?

Q & A; Interaction makes everything more fun. And you can always use more ‘food for thought’, so feel free to ask your question or share your thoughts.

Short Break

Colour trends: What colour trends will accompany these post-pandemic times? What will be the most beautiful colour keys? Sit back and enjoy. Appreciate the silence of some colours, experience the beauty of some designs and ‘taste’ the season with your eyes.

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Premiere: be the first to be expertly informed and inspired

Across four detailed and beautifully illustrated themes, Christine will reveal what the consumer truly needs in these special times She will show how you can translate this information to influence your own collection, brand or business. If you acquire an understanding of where trends come from, you will be well equipped to apply this knowledge in your own professional field.

The presentation will consist of concrete examples and statements on forms, origins, materials, patterns and colour use. It will include clear colour charts per theme and the application of these in inspiring colour keys.

A one-off invitation for live access to this online premiere is 95 euros and includes the opportunity for posing your question during the Q & A session.

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